Current weather in Naturns

General weather today:

The synoptic situation will not change much. Southwest currents will bring warm and slightly unstable air masses to the Alps.

General weather tomorrow:

High air pressure and dry air masses determine the weather in the Alpine region.

Il tempo domani:

Very sunny with some cumulus clouds. Only single thunderstorms are possible.

Weather tomorrow:

Tuesday will be sunny throughout the region. Local high fog in the morning will disappear quickly and only a few harmless cumulus clouds will develop in the afternoon.

Il tempo domani
Temp. min.: 17°
Temp. max.: 28°

Summer temperatures with highs between 24° and 29°.

Weather tomorrow
Temp. min.: 16°
Temp. max.: 30°

Temperatures rise to summery levels from 27° in Vipiteno to 31° in Bozen.

Mountain weather today:

Fairly sunny weather in the mountains. In the afternoon, cumuliform clouds may cause single thunderstorms.

Mountain weather tomorrow:

The sun often shines on the mountains. Possible fog will dissipate and the cumulus clouds in the afternoon will remain harmless. Temperatures will rise slightly.

Temperature in 2.000m: 13°
Temperature in 3.000m:
0° limit: 3800 m
Temperature in 2.000m: 15°
Temperature in 3.000m:
0° limit: 4200 m

Weather development

On Wednesday very sunny with only a few clouds in the evening. Thursday more clouds from the west with some sunny spells. In the course of the afternoon, a slight increase in the probability of thunderstorms. Friday initially sunny. In the afternoon, cumuliform clouds will tend to develop vertically causing thunderstorms. On Saturday again very sunny with summery temperatures.

Wednesday 19.06 Thursday 20.06 Friday 21.06
Weather development Wednesday 19.06 Weather development Thursday 20.06 Weather development Friday 21.06
Temp. min.: 16° Temp. min.: 17° Temp. min.: 18°
Temp. max.: 32° Temp. max.: 29° Temp. max.: 29°
Source: Hydrographic office Autonomous province of Bozen and Weather South Tyrol
Current weather in Naturns
Weather development Tuesday 18.06 Weather development Wednesday 19.06 Weather development Thursday 20.06
Tomorrow 16°/30° Wednesday 16°/32° Thursday 17°/29°
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